Originally formed in 2002, the Italian group Late Guest at the Party quickly developed a reputation for a sound that manages to blur genre lines, as it meshes electro pop, rock ‘n’ roll, 90s Brit pop and techno. In fact, for several years the group was lauded by blogs and industry insiders as one of the next big things to come out of Europe because of their crowd pleasing sound; however, it wasn’t until 2007 when the BBC Radio 1’s Steve Lamacq played the band’s “We Were Young” on his show, and later mentioned their demo as one of the best release that year, that the band finally got signed to a label. (Strange how the record industry works, indeed!)

Their debut effort, Come Back, Bobby Peru was released in 2009 to critical praise in the likes of Rolling Stone, and songs from the album received airplay not only on the aforementioned BBC Radio 1, but internationally as it received airplay from several indie stations here in NYC. 

By 2011 the Italian group had relocated to New York to record a new album, produced by Chuck Brody, who has worked with Peter Bjorn and JohnShy ChildBear HandsRa Ra Riot and Wu-Tang Clan, and features collaborations with artists such as Kenan Bell, Hesta Prynn, Randy Shrager of the Scissor Sisters and Slam Donahue. And the move has been a permanent one, as they’ve become part of New York’s incredibly diverse and busy indie scene. 

The band’s latest effort, Reloader was released a few weeks ago to critical praise form the likes of SpinBullet Magazine and others. “Reload,” the album’s first single (and video) is a slickly produced bit of propulsive electro pop that bears an uncanny resemblance to Depeche Mode and to ISHI. 

The official video is trippy as it has the members of the band singing the song over smoky, shadowy effects similar to Peter Gabriel’s “Shock the Monkey."