Originally from Queens, Teddy and Nick Panopoulos have been a part of New York’s punk scene for the better part of a decade. But they formed their latest project Dead Waves with drummer Fabien Streit last year. And as Dead Waves, the trio have been extremely prolific – they released their Kill the Youth EP back in June, and their latest EP, Take Me Away followed shortly after; in fact, the band is working on material for what may either be their third EP or their debut EP, depending on how it works out. 

“Over Me,” the latest single from Take Me Away with it’s buzzing power chords and stormy drumming bears an uncanny resemblance to “Dive” off Nirvana‘s Incesticide although they’ve also been compared to the likes of the Melvins and Mudhoney, two of the other great grunge rock bands of the 90s. But more importantly, the song just kicks major ass.