Originally hailing from Australia’s Blue Mountains, the quartet of Cloud Control, consisting of Alistair Wright, Heidi Leffner, Ulrich Leffner, and Jermey Kelshaw, relocated to the UK. The band’s critically applauded debut effort, Bliss Release was psychedelic and strange but was primarily home recorded; however, their follow up, and sophomore effort, Dream Cave had the band retreating to the English countryside. Enlisting the assistance of engineer and producer Benny Bannicott, who has worked with the likes of Spiritualized, the Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand, the material, as you’ll hear on the album’s first single “Dojo Rising” is much more emotionally immediate and direct than before as it deals with the multitude of professional, relationship, and romantic hangups of lead singer singer Alistair Wright. 

Sonically, the track maintains a psychedelic bent, as it shimmers and gently ripples beneath the surface. You’ll also hear a gently swirl of electronics to the mix, and pretty four-part harmonies. 

The new album will see a September 17th release through Votiv Records. The official video manages to be both surreal and strangely beautiful.