Originally starting as a solo home studio project in 2010, the Hull, Quebec-based band Scattered Clouds eventually expanded to it’s current lineup – a trio comprised of Philippe Charbonneau, Pierre-Luc Clément and Jamie Kronick. And as you’ll hear on “Enchantresse,” the latest single off the band’s full-length debut, The First Empire the band’s cinematic sound is comprised of eerily undulating synth chords are paired with explosive bursts of noise, throbbing bass and whispered vocals.  Much like Disappears ode to modern anxiety and self-obsessiveness, Era, Scattered Clouds’ latest single evokes a claustrophobic glimpse into the darkest recesses of the human heart and soul, and expressing the self-loathing, confusion and rage of the desperately lonely. 

The official video is a visual collage of found imagery compiled by the band’s friend and collaborator Mike Dubue, and as the band explains the video “opens up feelings of internal tension” and explores themes of self and identity – all while evoking a heightened anxiety that fits the song.