Originally starting off as a Los Angeles, CA-based quintet Vanaprasta, the four members of Sun Drug recognized that a name change was necessary after a change of sonic direction under the tutelage and guidance of Rocco DeLuca had forced the newly-named quartet to start over from scratch, essentially relearning how to make and then record music. During the entire process, DeLuca extolled the relatively simple idea that a band’s recorded output sound be recorded and mixed the way it should be played live and the band does that while retaining the elements that first won them attention in their hometown – an expansive, arena-friendly sound and big hooks. But as you’ll hear on “Easy in Your Attitude,” the band’s latest single, the Southern California-based quartet reveals a sleek, sophisticated sound that’s sexy and remarkably self-assured; in fact, in some way, the song channels a more modern version of The Strokes

The official video for the song manages to channel the CGI-based experiments of Midnight Juggernauts video for “Memorium,” as it explores the relationship between the digital and tactile worlds using an Xbox Kinect and a DSLR camera.