Over the course of the first third of 2015, it seems apparent that this year will be a rather big year for women artists of all stripes –Bjork released her 13th full-length album Vulnicura earlier this year, along with a MoMA retrospective that has already received quite a bit of ink since it’s debut a few weeks ago; Marissa Paternoster and her Screaming Females have released what may arguably be the heaviest album of the year; Madonna has yet another album out this year and is following that up with a lengthy tour; the legendary Mavis Staples is out with a rather busy touring schedule – at 75 years old or so; and artists such as Chelsea Lankes and Phoebe Ryan have been blowing up the blogosphere with a number of singles. Adding to that list is up-and-coming Nashville, TN-based electro pop artists Cappa, who has started to win the attention of the blogosphere with her latest single “Hush.”

Comprised of tribal drumming, swirling electronics and gently undulating synths paired with Cappa’s seductively cooed vocals, the track manages to be slickly produced, sensual and incredibly radio friendly – while nodding ever so subtly to late night at the club. As a fellow critic correctly suggested much like her contemporaries Phoebe Ryan, Chelsea Lankes and others, Chappa is part of a trend of artists who are actively attempting to change how electronic-based pop looks and sounds, as all of their work at times nods towards a cinematic feel and possesses rather introspective lyrics.