Over the last ten or fifteen years or so, there’s been a trend within underground hip-hop to get increasingly psychedelic and outright weird – think of MF Doom, Kool Keith, Shabazz Palaces and others. The Atlanta, GA-based duo, the Difference Machine comprised of DT (of Clan Destined) and Dr. Conspiracy (of Zone 7 and Expatriots) continue that trend with their own self-described version of “psychedelic rap." 

Both DT and Dr. Conspiracy have described one common and very strange moment that has influenced the sound of the Difference Machine – dreams of encountering alien space crafts where they heard music and lyrics they had never heard before. In any case, what the Difference Machine does is link old school hip hop lyrics with the trippy psychedelica of weird sounds influenced by the Houston area’s chopped and screwed sound, as you’ll hear on "Futuristic Blast,” the first single off the Difference Machine’s debut effort, The Psychedelic Sound of the Difference Machine