Over the last year or so, the unique collaboration between Ameila Meath of folk group Mountain Man and Nick Sanborn, the bassist in Megafaun, better known as Sylvan Esso has been blowing up the blogosphere while being a sonic departure from both Meath and Sanborn’s previously known projects. With Sylvan Esso, Sanborn  uses synths and other electronics to create pulsating grooves and swirling electronic atmospherics for Heath’s gorgeous and coquettish voice. And Meath uses looping pedals to create harmonies with her own voice, which Interestingly enough, at times reminds me a little bit of Kalma Traver of Rubblebucket. 

The “Coffee/Dress” 12 inch single was released the other day, as a sort of teaser for the duo’s self-titeld full-length debut, which is slated for a May 13 release through Partisan Records. “Coffee,” the A side of the 12 inch single, and a likely album single is a slow-burning seductive track with a coquettish yet distracted air, underpinned by swirling, atmospheric electronics, ringing and chiming bells, throbbing drum and bass and of course, Meath’s vocals, which as I mentioned are flirty but also plaintive, and unexpectedly emotive. She turns seductive to serious and contemplative within a phrase. 

The official video has the camera telling a rather complicated, non-sequential narrative following one character as he goes from a variety of parties and dances, including a messily wild house party, an old fashioned ball, and a party complete with a white person version of the Soul Train Line. And naturally, it suggests that dancing is always pretty fucking fun and that we should do it more often instead of being a bunch of jaded asshole hipsters. But more importantly, it suggests that we should just enjoy this moment because this particular moment right now is all we have. 

The track is a slow-burning seductive track with a  dreamy, almost distracted air, bolstered by atmospheric, swirling electronics, and ringing bells.