Photography: The Black and White Project, Revisited Days 50-54: May 23, 2016 – May 26, 2016

Photography: The Black and White Project, Revisited Days 50-54: May 23, 2016 – May 26, 2016

May 23 2016 (1) May 23 2016 (1a)

(Photo Caption: I have an post work habit of walking up Sixth Avenue, through Washington Square Park and east to the 8th and Broadway N and R station — not only is the walk a wonderful way to clear my mind after work, as I frequently pass some of the world’s most beautiful and interesting people, it’s also a great opportunity for photos. As I was walking through Washington Square Park on this particular afternoon, the water fountain was refracting light in such a way that you can see a perfect rainbow as you’ll see in the pictures.)

May 23 2016 (2)

(Photo Caption: Water fountains in black and white seem particularly trippy to me.)

May 23 2016 (3)

(Photo Caption: Ben’s Pizzeria holds a special place in my heart. When I was a young, starving artist I used to pass by it all the time to go to the Esperanto Cafe on Macdougal Street, where I spent all night drinking way too much coffee, reading, listening to music and often writing for 8-10 hour stretches. Occasionally, when I had enough money I’d stop at Ben’s for a late night slice or two; more often than not some kind and very random stranger would buy me food as soon as they found out that I was a writer. Perhaps they felt some strange sense of pity towards me? At some point I would lead some incredibly lengthy and esoteric conversation on Buddhism, French modernist literature, Dostoevsky, The Beatniks, William Blake, pop music or some other random thing. They’d be equally impressed and confounded and I’d wind up with a lonely subway back home.

I also remember passing by late one night and seeing a customer reach over the counter to kick some poor employee’s ass. I can still see in my mind’s eye, a pile of napkins flying upward in a lazy arc and the employee ducking. I should note that I saw this from across the street.)

May 24 2016 (1) (Photo Caption: I know, I know. The same fountain. But what makes this photo interesting to me is that if you pay attention, you see nothing but couples in love — at one point, one couple is about to embrace.) May 24 2016 (2)

May 24 2016 (2a) (Photo Caption: More park selfies. And in the second picture, my most natural expression — if you’ve seen my baby photos, I make the same exact expression.)

May 25 2016 (1)

(Photo Caption: New Yorkers waiting for a downtown train at the Prince Street N and R station.)

May 25 2016 (2) (Photo Caption: This picture was a little bit more dangerous than I’d like to admit. I was leaning over slightly to capture the train pulling into the station and got commuters walking to the back of the train as well. A little word of advice to everyone: Don’t do that. Seriously.) May 25 2016 (3)

May 25 2016 (4) (Photo Caption: What I love about the Prince Street N and R station is the fact that they have these random bits of artwork throughout the station.) May 26 2016 (1)

(Photo Caption: A glorious sunset in Williamsburg, Brooklyn last night as I was waiting for the Q59 bus.)

May 26 2016 (2) (Photo Caption: In a very existential sense, “what is the point?”) May 26 2016 (3)

May 26 2016 (4) (Photo Caption: Ritual Humor opening up an impressive and noisy night at Shea Stadium last night.) May 26 2016 (5)

(Photo Caption: Right above the stage, they had this weird light installation that caught my attention.)

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