Playlist: Flight 777: A Soulful Journey

JOVM turned 10 earlier this year and to celebrate the occasion I streamed a globe-spanning, genre-defying DJ set for a collection of dear friends and colleagues. A couple of months later, I did a second DJ set, which managed to simultaneously celebrate JOVM’s decade of existence and was a dance party for my mom’s 68th birthday.

The third DJ set, which I streamed last night is focused on the classic soul sound — by beloved classic artists, as well as contemporary artists. As I told the folks, who joined me: when I started to compile the tracks for Flight 777’s third journey, I was in a dark space: I couldn’t help feeling anxious and fearful that the country would re-elect a dangerous, racist moron for another four years. Obviously, as the results got increasingly better, I began to feel an exhausted sense of relief until Saturday morning, when CNN and the AP officially called the presidential race for Vice President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. (Correction: President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris!). Most of the songs of the set took on a very different vibe and tone — and I had to make two memorable last minute additions to cover the overall mood.

So here’s four hours of soul for your soul and for you heart. I hope you’ll enjoy as much I did streaming it for friends.

Also happy birthday, mom!