Portland, OR-based band Y La Bamba released their critically well-received debut effort, Court the Storm last year, recently announced that they’ll be releasing a follow up EP and will be touring with the Lumineers – the tour will include two dates at Terminal 5 on February 1st and February 2nd. “Oh February” is the first track of the EP, also titled Oh February which Tender Loving Empire Records will release digitally on the 29th, and as you can tell the track, as well as the album meshes indie folk with the folk music of Luz Elena Mendoza’s native Mexico. Mendoza has an incredible voice that manages to convey a despondent ache with pride and strength simultaneously. 

The song is sparsely arranged with Latin-influenced guitar playing, drums, a little bit of tambourine and some really pretty harmonies. But it’s simplicity is actually deceptive and part of it’s arresting beauty.