Quasimodo is a semi-fictional character who smokes a ton of weed and is obsessed with fat ass – somehow, he sounds quite a bit like someone I know. Anyway, Quasimodo and his label had intended to shoot the official video for “Catchin’ the Vibe” in his hometown of Los Gatos, CA but they were denied a permit; in fact, they were denied a permit to shoot anywhere in Los Angeles, CA. Both Quasimodo and Stones Throw Records suspect that officials were quite embarrassed by an official letter of recognition that L.A.’s mayor wrote to the artist. (Just reading about it made me think: “Huh?”)

Anyway, the official video which was shot in Finland and Romania, uses some local actors and includes a cameo by a costumed by Madlib. The track is some real hip hop – dope beats with an emcee spitting fire on the mic.