Radiation City‘s Animals in the Median which was released last month through Tender Loving Empire Records, and the album has received quite a bit of critical praise from the likes of Rolling Stone, Vice’s Noisey and a number of others for it’s mix of old school Northern soul, and swirling, atmospheric electronics. 

The members of Radiation City had also recently collaborated with Portland, OR’s TxE’s G Force for an inventive remix of their sophomore effort – much like the North Mississippi All Stars‘ Electric Blue Watermelon: Screwed and Chopped EP, the remixing is overseen by the vision of one person, creating an organic whole. Although Screwed and Chopped sticks to it’s source material, the G Force remix completely re-imagines the material. often just borrowing here and there from the hooks and chorus – essentially the remix album is just heavily influenced by it’s source. If you’re familiar with remixes at all, this remix album titled A Different Animal brings to mind the remixes of early 90s hip hop, where the songs were often completely different – i.e., the remixes of A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario,” the Wu-Tang Clan’s “Method Man,” among others. And on this remix you’ll hear a variety of emcees including Juicy J, Strong Arm Steady (who I’m a big fan of because they’re fucking dope), and others. 

But before I forget, this collaboration has it’s roots in pickup basketball. You see the members of Radiation City used to regularly play the members of TxE in games of pickup basketball, and their relationship started as rivals (sort of). But music and art are often great equalizers and on this album it’s kind of a genre mashing meeting of the minds. Check it out.