Radkey is a sibling trio from Missouri who recently relocated to the UK and made quite a bit of noise to bloggers, journalists and radio personalties across the pond with the release Cat & Mouse EP and some incendiary live sets at various UK-based festivals. With the release of the band’s forthcoming effort, The Devil Fruit, which Little Man Records will release on October 15th, and it’s first single “Romance Dawn,” the band reveals the influence of the Ramones, Death, and Danzig — the song itself consists of stomping drums, sludgy power chords while vocalist Dee Radke singes with a Danzig-like croon. The song builds up in intensity and will make you want to pump your fists and start moshing like a deranged idiot. 

The official video bears a similarity to both comic books and to iPod commercials, but man is it ever so extremely cool.