Rebelmatic at R Bar 11/27/13

A friend who I had met at the Brooklyn Wildlife Festival in September invited me to catch a similar event at R Bar, the Posh Mosh featuring several local bands including Rebelmatic, a punk band who has played at Afropunk and toured with the legendary Angelo Moore of Fishbone. And their set was probably the only time I’ve ever seen moshing at R Bar; granted, it wasn’t as wild as the shows I’ve caught at the Shank or even Music Hall of Williamsburg but man, it was fucking fun. 

Sadly, I would have had these photos up earlier, but I had computer issues which had me without a computer for a few days. Believe me, it was odd not being able to work as often as I like to but these things happen, right? Check out some photos from that set below:

For these photos and more, check out the Flickr set here: