Reed Kackley is a Brooklyn-based producer and musician, who originally started Silent Rider as a solo production project that has eventually expanded to a full band. And with Silent Rider, Kackley and company have developed a reputation for a production style that stitches together bits of different genres with melodramatic vocals, swelling, swooning synths, somber piano chords with big room-rattling drums. And in some way the sound they developed on their debut effort could be compared favorably to the likes of Radiohead, Massive Attack, and Washed Out

BAILE, Kackley’s side project is a bit of a sonic departure. Although still based around downtempo electronica, the sound is remarkably breezy and upbeat, and its layers of soaring, almost trembling synths in a slick production style that bears an uncanny resemblance to St. Lucia, as you’ll hear on “Second Life,” the first single off BAILE’s soon-to-be released EP, From the Depths