Released a few months ago through renowned electronica label, Ghostly InternationalUltima II Massage, the latest effort from the mysterious, Pennsylvania-based electronic artist and producer Tobacco has the artist taking a different approach from his previous two releases. In interviews, he’s mentioned that he wanted to push his sound towards the point where even at it’s most depraved and sleazy, that the listener can zone out to it. 

“Eruption” the first single from Ultima II Massage proved to be a perfect example of Tobacco’s new approach as the song manages to walk a careful tightrope between a psychedelic airiness at the bridge, thanks to the use of an acoustic guitar but while maintaining a raw, scuzzy sound that’s won attention across the blogosphere. In some way, the track reminded me off the Chemical Brothers and the Crystal Method — in particular some of their earliest material. 

High Tides was recently enlisted for a remix of “Eruption” and the remix reworks the song into an ethereal and minimalist track that could ave easily have been a B-side of Kraftwerk‘s Trans Europe Express