Released back in February, Violent Light Milagres’ latest effort is the band’s much-anticipated follow up to their debut effort, Glowing Mouth. And interestingly enough, the band’s sophomore effort reveals a band that has gone through a decided change of sonic direction – the album’s first single “Jeweled Cave” starts off with chiming gongs. swirling electronics, layers of humming synths, nostalgic lyrics sung with a plaintive moan, and a throbbingly seductive bass line. In some way, it shouldn’t be surprising that the song manages to bear an uncanny resemblance to Simple Minds and to late 70s to early 80s David Bowie in the sense that it has a sweeping, dramatic feel and the track just shimmers — as though polished to a clean shine much like like “Cat People (Putting Out Fire)” or of Simple Minds’  "All The Thing She Said.”

Sure, Jeweled Cave may arguably the funkiest song the band’s done to date but lyrically, the song manages to convey a sense of haunting and very lonely beauty: being with a lover, struggling through a cold winter; and the sense of ambiguity of a complex love, viewed through the prism of the past – but a love that seems to be growing more distant with time. 

The visually striking video evokes the palpably desperate and unsettling loneliness of men who are hopelessly isolated from others and themselves, as they watch a terrible variety-styled show with a magician and a muscular woman. it’s surreal and yet it makes sense if you view it through the prism of one’s fucked up dream.