Released in 2012 to critical acclaim from the likes of NPR, Washington City Paper, The Vinyl District and Head Underwater, Day Light Savings, the debut effort from the Washington, DC-based quartet of Young Rapids managed to help put Washington’s psych rock/dream pop scene on the local and national maps. Although the band’s sophomore effort, Pretty Ugly is slated for a 2015 release, they managed to record and release a holiday-inspired song, “Christmas Song." 

Interestingly, the song is pastiche of "Christmastime Is Here,"a song made famous by A Charlie Brown Christmas and the gospel standard, "Amazing Grace.” And as a pastiche of two songs with completely different moods, the combined song is ethereal and wistful as it evokes a contemplative mood – another year has passed, everyone is getting older and maybe a loved one or two have died, and you can’t help but see the past and present intersect as they always do. Sonically, the song possess a hymnal quality as it arches heavenward ever so softly, thanks to layers of chiming and shimmering guitars, vocals coming in and out of the ether like a poorly tuned radio paired with gentle squalls of feedback. It’s a hauntingly gorgeous wisp of smoke that dissipates before your eyes.