Released in the early part of last year, The Sun As It Comes was the much anticipated follow up to the Los Angeles, CA-based the Lonely WIld’s Dead End, which coincidentally landed at number 19 on this site’s Best of 2011. In any case, the full-length effort, The Sun As It Comes bears a similarity to Dead End in the sense that the material is earnest and rousingly anthemic while mixing indie rock with the sweeping, cinematic feel of Morricone score. Then add some gorgeous harmonies, and lyrics that talk about both desperate, youthful love and the current political feeling without being obtrusive or overwhelming and it’ll give you a pretty good sense of the Lonely Wild. 

The members of the band recently shot a live version of album track “Everything You Need,” while on the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System Trolley. The footage manages to be intimate and direct while a little surreal – and it manages to evoke a sense of the sprawling American West mythos as well.  And just as important, the song is gorgeous.