Released last fall, Pain Is Beauty is the Los Angeles, CA -based singer/songwriter Chelsea Wolfe’s third, full-length studio album, and sonically the album is a decided change in direction as the material employs the subtle use of synths and other electronics. The album’s latest single “Lone” is a sparsely arranged song comprised of acoustic guitar, gently swirling electronics and Wolfe’s hauntingly plaintive vocals. Much like the album’s first single, “The Warden,” “Lone” offers listeners hushed atmospherics; however, both also manage to sound spectral and otherworldy as the material expresses a sense of profoundly unspeakable loss, regret and a quiet, self-assured fortitude.

The official video for “Lone” is actually part of a unique collaboration with filmmaker Mark Pellington, based around the lyrics of Wolfe’s latest album. The video manages to deftly capture the mood of the song, without ever revealing too much; in fact, much is left to viewer’s interpretation.