Robert Pollard, the creative force behind the Dayton, OH-based cult-favorite band Guided by Voices has long been considered one of the more prolific songwriters and musicians in indie rock. Largely influenced by garage rock, psych rock, prog rock and post punk, GBV has largely been known for songs within the 2 minute range – and a generally lo-fi aesthetic. But Pollard has also been known for a variety of side projects and solo projects during GBV’s run. His latest project, Ricked Wicky a name which comes from an imaginary band Pollard created in his teens is a self-described “arena rock” band featuring Daytonian Nick Mitchell, multi-instrumentalist and producer Todd Tobias and Kevin March, who has played with Pollard in GBV.

“Rotten Backboards,” the latest off the band’s soon-to-be released effort, I Sell The Circus is a slow-burning, slightly psychedelic ballad – the sort of song you’d get high to while hanging out at a live show. Throw your lighters up, y’all.