Seattle, WA-based quartet La Luz released a cassette tape earlier this year through Burger Records, and it included the great single “Sure as Spring.“ And through that single, there was one thing that was absolutely certain — their sound owes quite a debt to 50s and 60s girl-led rock, complete with multi-layered harmonies and the like. "Brainwash” is the first single off their 7" which will be released through Suicide Squeeze Records and it’s a slightly different sound as it has a tinge of laconic surfer rock reminiscent of the Castaways’ “Liar Liar” but somehow a little bit scuzzier. 

The video, which has a patient being given drugs before some television watching, is very much a video within a video, complete with some very funny usage of subliminal messages. And it feels to me like watching the Monkees – it’s a very manic, playful video.