See/Me Launch Event featuring DJ Teebs and the Mast 11/3/12

See/Me is a mobile and web app designed and created by a group of New York City-based artists. The app connects over 500,000 artists, musicians, photographers, fashion designers and enthusiasts to a larger audience through both online and live events, and exhibitions. They had a launch event with local artists at a converted bank in Long Island City – a DJ by the name of Teebs and an electro pop group the Mast which served as an introduction  of their app to the area’s creative types. For aspiring artists trying to get exposure on their work, the site must be a godsend. (Ed. note: I also recently signed up. As a photographer, I had to at least submit something.)

Even after Superstorm Sandy, they got a good crowd, and it helped that the MTA had at least the 7 train running. And it turned out to be a rather cool event. Free booze, interesting art, and music – you can’t go wrong with that, really. Unfortunately, I didn’t stay until the end, but I took some great photos while I was there. 

Some interesting artwork in the basement. 

Behind the impromptu stage, there was a jagged-looking projection screen which was made to look like leaves and various other things. Here the projection screen looks like a gigantic leaf. 

On another projection screen, a behind the scenes into how a particular piece of art – a photo of a minutely detailed miniature scene –was created. The second photo is of the wallpaper that was in a particular room of the scene. Like I said, from watching the video, it seemed like a laborious and painstaking task.

This projection is quite psychedelic isn’t it?

This projection looks much like a autumnal leaf that has just fallen off a tree. Or as I remarked to a friend, it also looked quite a bit like a lava flow from a volcano. 


These lights kind of remind me of the cover art off of Interpol’Turn Off the Bright Lights

This man video recorded the entire night with the use of a small monopod. 

One of the founders of See/Me was the emcee of the night. Here he spoke for a few minutes on See/Me’s mission statement before introducing the Mast.

The Mast

For these photos of the night, check out the Flickr set here: