Since signing to renowned hip-hop label Stones Throw Records back in October 2011, Homeboy Sandman has proven himself to be one of hip-hop’s most prolific emcees releasing a full-length effort, First of a Living Breed, five EPs, and a series of thought-provoking and at times controversial pieces published in Gawker and the Huffington Post. And if you’ve heard his work or read any of his essays, the Boy Sand is perhaps one of hip-hop’s most uncompromising, challenging, thoughtful, thought-provoking and inventive emcees. Although his messages aren’t always overt, there’s a message all the same – and it’s always about subverting expectations and getting the listener to think, to do things and to promote hip-hop that’s thoughtful and meaningful. 

Hallways, Sandman’s second full-length release on Stones Throw is slated for a September 2 release, and the album reportedly is thematically an ode to the space in flux we all find ourselves in between where are currently are and where we’re headed. And in many ways, the first single “America, the Beautiful” produced by labelmate Jonwaye captures the hopes, dreams and contradictions of this country, while putting things in it’s proper perspective. it seems to say although America is imperfect, this country is special because we constantly strive for more.