Since starting JOVM almost five years ago, I’ve received an increasing number of emails from a variety of artists, band managers, PR firms and labels across the globe, and as a result it makes my mission of covering and presenting music from an international perspective much easier. Adding to that list of contacts, I recently heard from Youceff Kabal, who writes. performs and records under the moniker YUS

As Kabal told me by email some time ago, his sound is heavily inspired by Thom Yorke’s solo work. Animal Collective-inspired pop and Kanye West and MF Doom-inspired hip-hop. His latest single “Ride for Tide” consists of gorgeous and ethereal vocals, shimmering guitar, gently swirling electronics and a propulsive beats, which gives the song a summery almost daydream-like feel; in some way, the song is reminiscent of the electro folk sound of Junip – but breezier.