Singer, songwriter and cellist Cajsa Siik was born in a fishing village just outside of Umea, in Northern Sweden. Eventually, her creative path lead her to her current hometown of Stockholm, where she became known not just for her own songwriting by collaborating with artists such as Brigit Bidder, Montt Mardie, Amanda King and Jorgen Kjellgren

Siik’s debut effort, Plastic House was released to critical acclaim  and commercial success in her native Sweden as the album’s first single “Was I Supposed To” received regular rotation for five weeks on her native country’s national re stator P3, the British station, Amazing Radio and  Stateside on Insomnia Radio. 

Her second album, Contra has been receiving a bit of attention thanks to first single “The Fix” which was featured on 100 Songs back in November. “Relentless Delight,” the album’s single is a sparsely arranged track comprised of gently chiming gongs reminiscent of the David Bowie/Iggy Pop song “China Girl” as though covered by Fiona Apple or Tori Amos thanks to dramatic, off-kilter and undulating percussion (thanks to drums and handclaps) and piano. It’s sparse enough to give Siik’s sensual yet vulnerable vocals room to roam about the song’s instrumentation. Sonically, the song is very clearly a pop song but it evokes something much darker lurking under the surface.