Sophia Exiner, writes, performs and records under the moniker of Phia and is an Australian-born and Berlin, Germany-based indie pop artist whose sound has been compared to the likes of Bjork,tUnE yArDsRegina Spektor and others — and that’s not a bad thing, considering that all of those artists have reputations for work that’s uncompromising, challenging and utterly unique… 

Her most recent single, “Do You Ever,” which has gained quite a bit of attention across the globe, consists of Exiner using loops pedals to create the song’s harmony and melody – with her own voice, and with her kalimba, an African thumb piano, popular throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. 

The original recorded version of the song possesses a breezy, ethereal nature that seems to perfectly suit her coquettish vocals. And much like  any great pop song, it’s a sugary sweet confection with an infectious, irresistible nature. 

Recently. Edward Francis remixed the song as part of a continuing collaboration between two up-and-coming artists. The Runaway Hearts Remix, as Francis calls it, feels inspired by Italian giallo – layers upon layers of icy synth, horns, and Exiner’s vocals, and brief blasts of kalimba made to sound as though they were reverberating in a gigantic room. It also gives the a song an entirely different feel; a sort of trippy noir that’s perfect for dark, snowy winters.