Spires originally began as Matt Stevenson’s solo home recording project but the project eventually grew into actual band when Jack Collins (bass), Samuel Shea (guitar, synth) and Ethan Snyder (drums) were enlisted to flesh out the project’s sound. The release of their 7 inch single “Candy Flip”/”Comic Book” which was produced by the Drums’ Connor Hanwick and released a few weeks ago has already gained the attention of NME — and they were listed as “Band You Need to Hear now” by L Magazine and Brooklyn Vegan. 

I’ve had a long and passionate affair with shoegazer and psychedelic rock and when I heard “Candy Flip” it reminded me so much of A Storm in Heaven-era the Verve. And much like the Verve’s debut effort, “Candy Flip” has a free-flowing, improvisational feel — while possessing a warm, summery meandering through the English countryside under the influence of psychedelics buzz. I’m sure that the song will also remind many listeners of 60s-era psychedelia, which is a fair comparison. But no matter what, the track will carry you off to another place before you recognize it. 

The recently released official video has a very simple concept that belies the song’s psychedelia and trippiness – the band performing in front a projection of a roaring river (which interestingly enough, seems fitting).