Starting his career in the 1990s dance music scene in Washington, DC, Thomas Blondet has developed a reputation for blurring genre lines by infusing just about any beat and funk oriented genre known to man including deep house, drum ‘n’ bass, reggae, speed garage with Arab, Latin, Indian, Balkan, Kurdish and Caribbean influences. His debut full-length Futureworld manages to further this aesthetic — in some way, it reveals the possibility of a future in which distinctions between genre or country of origin are obliterated. And the result a trippy globalized stew that will sound unlike anything you’ve recently heard — although it bears some small resemblance to Gorillaz in the sense of playfully adept genre mashing, Blondet’s primary focus is uniting things through the groove. 

The album’s first single (and album opener), “Un Amor” featuring Carol C. contains elements of downtempo trip-hop with the synoptic quality of Eastern music, while the song’s lyrics are sung in a seductively cooed French. The song manages to be mind-bending and yet incredibly sensual.