Swedish-born vocalist and guitarist Lea Emmery originally started Kid Wave back in 2011 as a solo recording and writing project after she had relocated to London. However the project expanded to a quartet when Harry Deacon (bass), Serra Patale (drums) and fellow countryman Mattias Batt (guitar) joined up to flesh out the project’s sound. 

After playing a number of shows across London, the band has begun to make a name for themselves as they played the On Blackheath Festival and are playing a number of dates across the UK this month, including opening for TOY. Building on the buzz behind the band, they’ll be releasing the Gloom EP through Heavenly Recordings across Europe and the rest of the world, and [PIAS] America on November 24. And the EP’s first single, EP title track “Gloom” reminds me of the 120 Minutes-era indie rock – uh alternative rock … no wait, college rock. After all, the song is comprised of layers upon layers of guitar that manages to jangle while being sludgy and fuzzy in a way that’s reminiscent of The Stone Roses – and just as hook-based. Add earnest vocals and other effects and it brings back very fond memories of recording mixtapes for myself and friends back in 1991.