Swedish electro pop act, the Knife will be releasing, Shaking the Habitual, the act’s first (and much anticipated) album in a couple of years through Mute Records on April 9th. And the album will reportedly be the most politically charged work the band has released to date. “A Tooth For An Eye,” is the latest single from the band, and the video for it, is purportedly a deconstruction of power, maleness and leadership – in the video the men who enter a gym have their social hierarchies broken by a little girl. The girl’s appearance allows the men to be vulnerable and let go of their fear of intimacy as they follow her to dance… . Visually, it’s an odd but compelling thing to see.

Sonically speaking, as I’ve listened to this track, I was reminded of Security-era Peter Gabriel – much like on that great Peter Gabriel album, the song has a palpable, anxious tension.