Swedish quintet Colleagues won over the attention of a number of blogs back in 2012 with a sound that was exuberant and was comprised of layers of synths and melodies with anthemic choruses. “Tears,” is the A side of quintet’s latest single “Tears/Parents’ House,” the first single off the new London-based label, In Stereo Records, an imprint of Fierce Panda Records

Sonically “Tears” with it’s layers of shimmering and quivering synths, exuberantly upbeat tone, anthemic choruses sung with earnestly plaintive vocals and throbbing bass bears an uncanny resemblance to St. Lucia and Haerts; and perhaps because of it, I can imagine that you’ll be hearing this song and more from Colleagues over the course of the warmer months. it’s an incredible party song that will likely make even the most jaded hipster do a two-step. 

The official video is fittingly 80s inspired as it has a mime doing a routine in front of a series of projections – it feels as though you may have seen it before in the good ol’ days of MTV.