Sylvia Black gained attention as the vocalist of New York-based electro pop outfit KUDU, and for her collaborations with the Black-Eyed PeasMobyWilliam OrbitKelisSpank Rockthe KnocksTelepopmusik, and others. Performing under the pseudonym Betty Black, Sylvia Black’s sound as a solo artist manages to mesh garage rock, Southern gothic blues, spaghetti Western soundtracks, and atmospheric electronics while lyrically her songs explore love, lust and longing in a fashion that’s sensual while feeling deeply anxious and urgent, if not plaintive. 

Her latest single “Come Back Lover” is a eerily haunting song that manages to mesh the wall of sound production style of Phil Spector with the swirling psychedelia of the Jesus and Mary Chain, as you’ll hear layers upon layers of gritty guitars, driving motorik-styled bass and Black’s seductively (and yet hauntingly sad) crooned lyrics that describe losing a lover to the call of road – but with an urgent, desperate longing. “Come back”, her narrator says, “there won’t be another quite like you." 

The official video shows the incredibly sensual Black, and evokes the dusty, noir-ish grit of sand and endless expanses of blacktop baking in the desert sun, balanced with psychedelic images of a gigantic Black playing under an infinite expanse of stars and light.