The Arkansas-based band Pagiins (pronounced as pagans or pay guns) formed last year. And when it comes to the band’s name, their frontman Leif Hinshaw has said, “we wanted it to evoke a certain image in your head. Specifically, Nicholas Cage getting his face torn apart by bees.” When I first read that, I laughed – that is until I recognized how fucking disturbing that image is, too. And in some way, that dichotomy between the sinister and the ridiculous seems to get at the heart of the band’s seemingly elusive lyrical and thematic content. Full of fuzzily psychedelic hooks, “Open Up Your Mind” off their double EP Good Things Take Time and Bad Things Don’t may remind you a little bit of the Thee Oh Sees but with a bassline that sounds as though it could have been played in an old Rancid song – “Salvation” perhaps?