The Bay Area-based Sugar Candy Mountain originally began in rather humble fashion – as the bedroom recording project of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Will Halsey, who’s best known for his work in several Bay Area bands including The Blank Tapes and Papercuts. The project became a full-time band when Halsey enlisted the help of fellow singer/songwriter Ash Reiter, who assists in songwriting duties and sings, and collection of friends and associates who help flesh out the band’s sound on album and on stage. 

The band’s full-length debut, Mystic Hits was initially written and recorded while Halsey was in Sao Paolo, Brazil and finished up in Oakland. The album’s first single “Soak Up The City” manages to effortlessly mesh bubblegum pop with psych rock in a way that makes the song sound as though it were released in 1966 – thanks in part to the breezy, ethereal nature of the song