The Boston, MA-based reggae group 10 Ft. Gangja Plant has been known to be somewhat elusive, and yet last year was a pretty big year for the band. They released a critically well-received album of instrumental tunes, 10 Deadly ShotsVolume 2and they played a very rare, live, sold out show at Boston’s Middle East Club

The band will follow that up with their newest effort, Skycatcher, an album of what they’ve specialized in throughout their history – 70s inspired reggae. Skycatcher will drop on September 24 but the band released this live (and official video) for the album’s first single, “State of Man.” The lyrics are pretty profound and say that suffering, worry, suffering as long as there’s war and greed. It’s sad but very true.

The band will be playing an album release show at the Sinclair in Cambridge, MA on the 20th. So if you’re in that part of the world, go and get some of them irie vibe.