The Chicago-based redheaded sibling duo of Francis and Alex White, also known as White Mystery will be coming out with another full-length album of kick ass album of grungy garage rock on April 20, 2013. Titled Telepathic, the upcoming release will offer more of the very lovely Alex White shredding with a towering, fuzzy sprawl and Francis White’s frenzied drumming; however, from “Secret Garden,” the first single from Telepathic, the sound seems to be a bit cleaner than before. As always they’re consistent – the track kicks ass. The song reportedly is about the power of imagination and play. If it wasn’t snowy and cold here in New York, I’d say it was time to go out and play!

White Mystery have become great friends of this blog, and I can tell you that they’re true road warriors. I doubt that anyone is on the road as much as they are, and in early 2013 the duo will be hitting Europe, before stopping at SXSW