The Chicago, IL-based Secret Colours debut self-titled effort and their 2013 sophomore effort Peach had the band as a sextet which is somewhat unusual for most indie rock these days. However, with the announcement of the band’s two forthcoming 2014 releases, Positive Distractions Part 1 and Positive Distractions Part 2, the band emerges as a quartet, resulting in a bit of a change in sonic direction — by necessity.

“It Can’t Be Simple,” the first single off Positive Distractions Part 1  employed staccato organ chords and a taut bass line in a way. “City Slickers” continues with the 60s garage band psychedelica with guitars played through layers upon layers of reverb and other effects, taut bass line, and subtle flourishes of organ, especially around the hook and chorus.In some way, this track has Secret Colours sounding quite a bit like Raccoon Fighter or the Black AngelsTelephone."