The Chicago, IL-based Speck Mountain’s founding members, Marie-Claire Balabanian and Karl Briedrick are self-described “musical soul mates,” who apparently lived parallel lives in Los Angeles and Detroit respectively before they met in New York in the early 2000s. The duo share songwriting duties for the material’s formative stages with Balabanian contributing her soulful vocals and Briedrick crafting lushly textured and nuanced music on bass and guitar that fit Balabanian’s vocals perfectly.

The duo of Balabanian and Briedrick recruited Chris Dye, formerly of Chin Up Chin Up and Linda Malonis, a former Pentecostal church pianist turned drone-rock organist to further flesh out the band’s sound for their third full length album, Badwater, which Carrot Top Records released last year. “Run, Honey, Run,” another single off Badwater is a slow-burning, dirge-like blues. But much like “Lies," you’ll hear elements of soul and blues, thanks to Balabanian’s incredible, soulful vocals; elements of psych rock, thanks to Briedrick’s deeply nuanced, textured painterly strokes on the guitar, compete with feedback and squall. And it manages to possess a lingering and eerily haunting presence, while being slightly more straightforward. In some way this track may remind you a bit of Mazzy Star (which isn’t a bad comparison, if I must say so).