The Copenhagen, Denmark-based electro pop act Lust For Youth initially began as the solo project of Hannes Norvide. Norvide’s solo releases were described as “dark, cold atonal lonely, tormented” and even “lower than lo fi,” which seems – well particularly Scandinavian; however, with the addition of longtime collaborator Loke Rahbek and newest member, producer and guitarist Malthe Fischer, Lust for Youth’s latest album International is a deliberate and radical change in sonic direction. Much of the material is propelled by ethereal synths and extremely precise drum programming, bearing an uncanny resemblance to early Depeche Modethe Pet Shop Boys and New Order. In others words it’s slickly produced electro pop that isn’t so polished or slick that you don’t recognize that there’s an earnestly beating human heart beneath the synths and drum machine programming. And the production hasn’t washed away the melancholy and despair at the heart of the material. 

Their latest single “New Boys” has an elegantly sweeping, dramatic sound – with it’s clean, propulsive synths and precise drum programming, the song is the sound of beautiful and miserable people. In other words, you can easily dance to it – – or you can sit around brooding and looking intense to it.