The (currently) New York-based band Haerts consists of members who have originally hailed from Germany, the UK and the States. And with the release of two early singles – “Wings” and “All the Days” – off the band’s forthcoming EP, Hemiplegia produced by St. Lucia’s Jean-Phillip Grolber, the band has received quite a bit of love throughout the blogosphere. In fact, the folks at Yours recently followed the band to their Williamsburg rehearsal space. Unlike most of their previous videos, this particular video offers a particularly revealing look into the band’s creative process. You’ll get a snippet of their extremely popular track “All the Days” but most importantly you’ll catch them performing a new track from the EP, “Heart” live. it’s frankly speaking a gorgeously shot video, and it constantly reminds me why I love New York and will never leave. 

When you hear both “All the Days” and “Hearts,” they bear their producers stamp – they’re slickly produced synth pop confections that sound as though they could have easily been released in 1984 as it could have been released this summer. “All the Days” has a sweeping, cinematic air backed by Nini Fabi’s plaintive yet soaring vocals.  "Heart" still has the same cinematic air but whereas “All the Days” is sweeping, “Heart” is jauntily anthemic. It’s the sort of song that should inspire you to start yelling out the chorus. One thing is for certain, both tracks have infectious hooks, which will have you humming along for days on end. 

The EP will see a September 17th release through Columbia Records. And to build up buzz for the album, and then to support it, the band will be joining the absolutely fantastic Washed Out during the fall. That tour starts off in Victoria, BC and includes stops in Vancouver, BC; Portland, OR; Minneapolis, MN; Chicago, IL; Toronto, ON; Terminal 5 on September 18th, and several other dates in September. It may well be one of the best ways to start off your fall.