The Denver-based stoner-rock band Luna Sol can trace their origins to when vocalist/guitarist Dave Angstrom (Hermano and Supafuzz) moved to the mountains just north of Denver three years ago and began soaking up the strange and relaxed mountain communities around him. Inspired by both local news and folklore, began writing the songs that would eventually become the band’s soon-to-released debut effort Blood Moon and recruited drummer Pat Gill (The Feds, ‘76 Pinto), guitarist/vocalist Shanda Kolberg (The Swanks) and bassist/vocalist Shannon Fahnestock (The Swindlers) to flesh out the project’s sound. 

Album single “Operator” is a sludgy, murky power chord-dirge that’s punishingly bleak yet subtly psychedelic and with the sort of massive hooks that sounds as though it owes a debt to Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age. In other words, the song seems inspired by the almost Dali-esque quality of the band’s environment, hallucinogens and whiskey – and in some way, the lyrics take on a similar quality but with a menacing undertone, just underneath the surface. It evokes the creeping dread and madness that comes about from isolation admit beautiful yet strange surroundings while frankly, kicking ass.