The Dublin-based trio of No Spill Blood originally started as a side project with each member of the act bounding over a mutual love of Devo, Trans Am and The Melvins when they recorded their debut EP, Street Meat through Sargent House Records a few years ago. After the release of their EP, the trio become a full-time band and went into the studio to write and record the material that wound up becoming their full-length debut effort, Heavy Electricity, which was released late last month. 

The album’s latest single “El Duurto” will continue to cement the band’s reputation for a punishingly heavy sound comprised of churning bass chords, propulsive drums, buzzing synth chords, electronic bleeps and bloops which interestingly enough create a persistent, almost motorik-like groove paired with howled vocals. In some way, the Irish trio’s sound reminds me quite a bit of Kriget’s Dystopico in the sense that it seems to be soundtrack for the moment that civilization as we know it collapses for good – and perhaps more important that beneath the squall is a primal and urgent howl into the void. 

The video for “El Duurto” is comprised of the members of the band playing the face-melting riffs of the song in a cinematic black and white, and in extreme close up, which blurs around the edges. It manages to capture the raw, bruising intensity of the song and of the band.