The duo of Amalie Braun and Brian Harding formed Ex Cops in 2011, and their debut effort, True Hallucinations was released to critical praise, thanks in part to a sound that had been described as sprawling indie-pop with wall-to-wall guitars. However, the band’s forthcoming sophomore effort, Daggers, which was executive produced by Billy Corgan and Justin Raisen (who has worked with Sky Ferreira, Charli XCX, Kylie Minogue and others) is a change of sonic direction for the band. And as you’ll hear on the album’s first single “Black Soap” they’re leaning heavily on more straightforward and (seemingly) more radio-friendly pop than ever before, but more along the lines of Phil Spector — the beautiful boy and girl harmonies, an incredibly catchy hook, swirling electronics and a delicately layered sound. 

The official video for the song manages to capture the heady, psychedelic rush of the song as connected and disconnected images rush past you, and that footage is spliced with footage of the duo riding in the back seat of a convertible and posing in a what appears to be dive bar bathrooms.