The folks at Red Bull Music Academy recently had Blondie’s Debbie Harry and Chris Stein in for an interview session, and it was apparently sometime after Giorgio Moroder was in to talk about his life and work – including his most famous and beloved work with Donna Summer. 

Certainly, this interview shares a kind of trippy quality to it, much like Moroder’s session – and if you’re a New Yorker or a native-born New Yorker, much like myself, they both reminisce about an East Village and Lower East side that’s sadly long gone, and of course they talk about the intersecting art and rock scene. (Interestingly Chris Stein was quite a talented photographer and some of his photos of the luminaries of that scene are incredible. His photo of a lithe, Debbie Harry leaning against a car in short shorts and a crop top, with a libidinous expression is seductive as hell.) They also talk about the TV show they took part which included Jean-Michel Basquiat and included appearances by tons of folks in NYC’s art and music scene; the first time they met Fab 5 Freddy, and the first hip hop show in the Bronx that he took them too – Grandmaster Flash actually played at it, among others. Additionally, you’ll hear them talk about their creative process; how it was work to work with Giorgio Moroder and more. 

Although at points it’s honestly kind of weird – to me, on a couple of occasions, Harry appears as though she doesn’t quite want to be there, it’s a pretty revealing interview and worth spending 90 minutes working.