The forthcoming Behold A Pale Horse will be Anna Rose’s sophomore effort, as well as the follow-up to her critically well-received debut, Nomad. i’ve heard a great deal of the songs off Pale Horse live, and the material reflects Mencken’s extraordinary growth as an artist, performer and person – on the sultry, country blues single, “Los Angeles,” Mencken is  a confident, commanding presence; the sort that radiates with a burning, inner strength and resolve won from hard-fought experience, as well as a woman who has grown into herself. 

The story of the song itself is pretty easy to grasp and is based quite a bit on Mencken’s own experience of heading to Los Angeles as a young(er) woman with dreams of fame and fortune, and she does so with novelistic detail – the narrator’s worn out boots; “the red-letter stares” she feels on her back as she curses out a lover or family member. Those details feel and sound real and lived in.  And if there’s one thing to be certain, it’s that on Mencken’s forthcoming effort, you’ll hear an artist who’s found her true artistic voice.

You can catch Anna Rose perform this song and other songs from her forthcoming effort at Rockwood Music Hall on 5/21 at 9:00pm, as she completes an informal residency there.