The Hamilton, ON-based Singer/songwriter Pete Hall (guitar, vocals) formed his latest project Blackburn Hall when his orchestral outfit A Northern Chorus broke up in 2008; in fact, the band’s recently released full-length debut, is Hall’s first album in four years – and although it’s been a while, it’s a sonic change in direction for Hall and his new bandmates Adam Melnick (Bass) Dan Empringham (Drums). As you’ll hear on “Echoes Beat Louder Than Bombs” their sound leans more towards a slow burning, bluesy, alt-country-like ballad, complete with twangy guitars. But what strikes me most about the track is that it possesses a quiet and unforced self-assuredness and a dusty, old-timey beauty. 

In fact, the official video, uses clips of old time toy commercials – namely, those toys connected to Westerns and war. And on a certain level it’s fitting for the tone of the song and on another level, it’s mildly disturbing because it creates a very sinister undertone to the footage.