The Los Angeles-based quartet, The Lonely Wild’s debut EP, Dead End landed at number 19 on this site’s Best of 2011 list and managed to win quite a bit of attention across the blogosphere, which made their full-length debut, The Sun As It Comes much-anticipated among bloggers and fans. 

The material on The Sun As It Comes manages to continue the quartet’s reputation for rousingly anthemic, heartfelt rock with the sweeping, cinematic feel of a Morricone film – in fact, at times the material manages to be gorgeous and possess swooning harmonies and melodies that make the material deeply personal and yet larger than life. And interestingly, the material on the album also reflects profound artistic growth of the band as it only manages to capture the band’s live sound with an unflinching fidelity, the album also manages to capture the sociopolitical zeitgeist of it’s particular time. Songs like ”Banks and Ballrooms”  and “Bankrupt” capture the sense of confusion, loss and despair that average Americans across the country felt after the financial collapse, as though there was the instant recognition that the rug had been pulled out from underneath them without any warning. Simply put, those songs are the stories of the hard-working little guy getting crushed by much larger, oppressive forces that are angry and forlorn. But not all the material is explicitly political; in fact, they specialize in some of the most Romantic songs I’ve heard in recent memory – such as the beautiful “Everything You Need” which describes lovers desperate to run away together. 

For the song’s official video, the members of the band recruited Kurt Paulsen and his Media Arts students at Bethany Lutheran College to create a set of stunning visuals which employ both stop-motion animation, traditional 2D animation that captures the Western and tribal feel of the song.