The Los Angeles, CA-based artist and renowned cat owner Dustin Krapes performs as a synthesizer/sample-based musical project by the name of Habits that includes a rotating cast of live and recording collaborators such as professional wrestling hall of gamer Dithy Ramb on drums and a vegan taxidermy specialist Gabriel Armenta on bass, as well as a collection of friends and associations. Sonically, their (or should I say his?) sound has been described as combining driving, pulsating rhythms and a psychedelic collage of synths and samples, with Krapes delivering metaphysical themed lyrics with a laconic, speak-sing as you’ll hear on the latest single, “Splendor of the Panic,” off the band’s forthcoming debut effort, Unselves in Arrival. As Krapes describes it in an interview, the lyrics are meant to evoke a feeling, and are largely based on him considering his own very human experiences from an abstract point of view. Interestingly, in some way, they may remind some listeners of Primal Scream, Cake and others but with a scuzzier, glam rock sound, and seemingly capturing the darker recesses of its creator’s mind.